Gold Star Kenya was established and registered in Kenya in 2010 as a non-profit health organization It has its roots in the Gold Star Network, a social franchise initiative established in 2006 by FHI 360 to promote comprehensive HIV care and treatment through a network of private healthcare providers in Kenya. It leveraged on the capacities established through the implementation of the public sector HIV prevention, care, treatment and support programs funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), GSN sought to expand access to quality services through innovative public private partnerships.

GS Kenya has continued to implement programs with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in collaboration with the Government of Kenya and diverse partners that include Family Health International (FHI 360), PSKenya, and the various service providers form the membership of the Gold Star network. Between 2009 and 2011, GS Kenya, operating as a program initiative of the FHI360-led USAID-funded TBCARE project, implemented a TB/HIV collaborative project amongst private-for-profit providers in 3 regions (Coast, Nairobi/Central and Rift Valley), USAID-funded APHIAplus Rift Valley Project (Nuru Ya Bonde) (until March 2018) and the recently concluded and USAID LINKAGES programs

The current projects implemented include the current USAID HCM Nairobi region, Coast &Lake region, Afya Uzazi Project operating in 6 sub counties spread in Nakuru and Baringo counties and Afya Nyota ya Bonde to implement activities in five counties; - Nakuru, Samburu, Baringo, Kajiado, and Laikipia.  Gold Star Kenya manages the Gold Star Network


Quality, accessible and sustainable health services for all.


The provision of quality, integrated and sustainable health services through strategic partnerships, innovation, research and systems strengthening.




Health Service Delivery

With public and private sector players Gold Star Kenya supports access and provision of comprehensive health services in Kenya. Areas of focus include: HIV/AIDS, TB, Reproductive Health (Adolescent Health/STI/Family Planning), Maternal and Neonatal Child Health, Malaria, Nutrition, Health Services Strengthening

Research, Knowledge Generation and Management

GoldStar focuses on regular review, scientific generation and use of evidence to inform and influence policy and programs through targeted research.

System Strengthening

Through public-private partnerships, Gold Star Kenya enables Increasing knowledge and skills amongst public sector and private sector HRH in implementing HIV prevention programs and providing care and treatment services. In addition, Gold Star Network members access to affordable, high quality commodities that include HIV test kits, drugs for treating opportunistic infections, condoms and antiretroviral drugs. Members enjoy discounted rates and guaranteed supply ensuring patient treatment is uninterrupted.

News and Updates

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